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Leading the Vietnamese women's fashion trend in 2020

Which female fashion trends will make up the waves in 2020 in Vietnam?

Fashion trend 2020 emphasizes applicability to design shirts with sleeves, midi skirts or wide-leg pants, ... for office girls to highlight femininity.

"Team" Midi skirt

Midi skirt is loved by women with many feminine variations. diverse classes.

With the "explosion" in style and color fashion followers can combine midi skirts in the form of street style, red or bordeaux red are the most popular colors for winter fashion trends 2020. None Unsurprisingly, you come across girls who have an inherently elegant fashion style choosing "team midi".

This is also one of the items capable of creating extremely attractive, diverse style sets, it not only shows the rhythm and gentleness but also shows the elegance and elegance in public. department.

Power Suit

Suit sets in beige, white, and light blue background tones are not only elegant but look very "powerful", and become prominent in the Spring - Summer 2020 fashion season. has created its own character of each design.

The suit that has created the menswear trend is a combination of suit with stylish tops, this trend is widely welcomed. Suit details are designed to be elegant, discreet and luxurious. You can wear a combination of different styles such as matching pants and vest or wearing a suit.

Striped plaid is also a classic motif, never "disgraced" in the changing process of fashion. 2020 will still be the year of plaid suits, this is also a motif that is pleasing to most of our MARC girls because it brings elegant, classic beauty to trendy ladies.

Whether you go to work or go out, ladies can wear, multi-purpose suits continue to be the trend of 2020, you can choose the shirt to wear inside, style shirts, T-shirts, Even bra you like, but make sure the suit and pants you choose are the same color.

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Leading the Vietnamese women's fashion trend in 2020